Monday, 22 August 2011


I was planning to go to the Welsh Kennel Club show this weekend but unfortunately, Im on something called season which means I'm not allowed to go near boys. I was really excited when Dad said that because I couldn't go to wales, he would take us all to the seaside instead.

Like all Golden Retrievers, Traffy & me are most happy when we're near water, so this weekend was really great because the seaside has lots of water.

I really liked racing against Traffy.

I'm going to win
Racing on my own was good fun too

I'm so so so fast

Water is so much fun

But then there's the beach

I think this needs a dig

Which needs to be surveyed carefully

Beach needs surveying

digging was so much fun

it's easy - just dig near the ball

I did find some strange things on my beach

where did this come from?

Saturday, 18 June 2011


Today has been a good day

This morning I found a very nice ball whilst taking my Mum and sister Traffy for a walk. It was so nice that my friend Brodie also wanted it - luckily his Dad took it off Brodie and gave it back to me.

Then we went to a school fete - Dad won two bottles of something called Cava and to celebrate he let me have a lick of his ice cream (but I'm so quick I managed to eat it all before he could stop me).

Then we went to Bletsoe Village Fayre and I found another ball (a tennis ball this time) - two balls in one day is very good. Dad also won a bottle of wine, so he was happy.

I was going to stay for the dogshow but it started to rain and Mum doesn't like rain (plus Dad wanted to get home to play with his wine) - so we left early :-(

I did get to have a chat with the man who reads something called lottery numbers on the TV:

mum was in the photo but Dad 'photoshopped' her out - can you see her?

Monday, 13 June 2011

South West Essex Canine Association

Yesterday I took Dad to to the South West Essex Canine Association (SWECA) dog show. A show is a special doggy get-together where lots of dogs gather together to show off their parents - the dogs who's parents behave best (and give them the most treats) get a rosette. The show is judged by someone who is an expert parent to many dogs and should know how to behave really well.

I entered Dad in three classes - Novice Puppy, Gundog Puppy and the Charity Puppy Stakes. I the first class Dad got 4th place; afterwards some people gave Dad some pointers on how to walk and give me treats and then in the Gundog Puppy he got a second place (which came with a nice blue rosette); Unfortunately he didn't do very well in the Charity stakes class.

I was particularly happy that none of the gun dog puppy had a gun with them - I don't like things that make load bangs.

I think I'll let Dad have a rest next week but the weekend after that he'll be taking me two two shows (Windsor Championship show and Berkshire Downs Golden Retriever Club show).

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Canine Partners Fun Dog Show

I’m really excited today - I’m off to do a fun dog show in aid of my friends at Canine Partners.

At 11am I’ll be at the Crown pub in Northill, Bedfordshire walking my dad up and down; hopefully they’ll think I’ve got the best parent and give me a nice rosette.

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Hearing Dogs Summer Fete

Today I took Mum and Dad to the Hearing Dogs for the Deaf summer fete. I was really excited when Dad told me the fete was going to be opened by a famous boxer called Frank Bruno. One of my friends, Bruce, is also a boxer, so I was expecting to meet someone who looked like him, but instead of someone furry with four legs, a squashed nose and a waggy tail, I met someone with two legs and no fur - a big disappointment.

don't know who this is.

After he met me he didn't hang around long - dad said if he'd moved that fast when he was in the ring he would have retired undefeated. I'm not sure what he was talking about but Mum seemed to agree.

One of my favourite bits of the day was a gundog demonstration. I especially liked the fact that gundogs don't do anything their person tells them to do: they just sit there whilst their person says they are going to find a dummy or a rabbit  but then they just do nothing. Perhaps I should be a gundog.

the gundog is hiding behind the man.

Friday, 3 June 2011

Southern Counties Dog Show

The Southern Counties Dog show was easily the biggest I've been to; To be fair I've only been to two shows before but the other dogs there told me this was a really big one and it was easy to believe them.

Other dogs having their owners judged.

For people that don't know, a dog show is when Puppy girls and boys get together to show off their owners: we must make them trot up and down, give us treats and get them stressed-up because we don't seem to want to stand to attention; while we do this someone stares at us and decides who did it best.

Today I took my Dad, which in hindsight was probably not the best idea - most of the other puppy girls took their mum and seemed to do much better than I did.

Isn't Dad useless?

I entered Dad into a couple of classes but didn't do too well. Afterwards I went into my portable house whilst my Dad watched other classes - hopefully he has learnt something from them.

I do like my house.

Some of the time I let my sister Lois share my house, but often she'd poke her head out to have  a look at the other dogs.

Put you head inside Lois!

Lois did much better in the ring than I did but neither of us got a rosette this time.

Lois with her mum Debbie

 I've got another show next week - hopefully Dad will have improved.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Eastern Counties Golden Retriever Club Rally, Fun Day and Show

I'd got no idea that there were so many puppy boys and girls who look like me until this weekend when I took Dad to the Eastern Counties Golden Retriever Club (ECGRC) show.

I had loads of fun particularly because my sister Lois came along too. They said I was so pretty that they gave me 3 rosettes and I'm quite proud of them. They also said that Dad let me down because he couldn't walk up and down in the correct way to show me off.

One of the rosettes was for a first place in a class. Unfortunately this year they weren't presenting things called trophies otherwise I would have got one of those too, so that's disappointing; Dad says the same thing happened to him when he was my age - he won the egg and spoon race at the school sports day and they decided not to give out coloured ribbons even though they did the year before. He says he's still a bit upset about it, so much so that we can't eat soft boiled eggs in our house because seeing an egg and a spoon together brings it all back. Never mind Dad, you can wear one of my rosettes anytime you want (except the red one which is my favourite).

This Friday I'm going to take Dad to an even bigger show, hopefully he won't let me down this time.

Sunday, 22 May 2011

First Rosette :-)

Mum and Dad took me to a fun dog show yesterday. I'm a little nervous at these things,so I haven't done very well before; even so Mum and Dad say I'm the prettiest puppy around.

Yesterday was different, I managed to keep calm and I got my first rosette -5th place but hopefully I'll do much better next time.

I'm really happy to get my first rosette.

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Bluebell Woods

Traffy and I got to run about in the woods and Mum gave us tons of treats for sitting nicely while Dad clicked away with the camera. I love going to the woods.

Friday, 25 March 2011

Sunday walk with Buster and Tyke

Yesterday Dad told me the clocks in the house were going to go forward this morning. I wasn't sure what he meant so I just nodded my head in agreement. This morning as far as I could tell all the clocks were exactly where they were before and the time on them was exactly what is always is - "Walk time".

Since it was walk time, Mum and Dad took me to one of my favourite places - my river (actually Traffy told me it was her river but I think because I'm the puppy of the house it should be all mine and so it it).

We met Buster and Tyke, a couple of Puppy boys who live round the corner, and had a great walk with them - we showed them our favourite river spaces and they let us run after their toys.

I love the river
 I had so much fun and got really, really muddy

I love mud
Traffy says that every year some strange men start to gather at the River every day and all they do is wave strange sticks at it. I'm not sure if they are called fishermen or grumpy-men - Traffy calls them both because apparently they won't throw their stick for you, no matter how much you bark to ask them,

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Sleepover with Lois

Although I get to see my sister Lois at my puppy show class, I haven't really had a chance to have a good play with her since I came to look after Mum and Dad. Imagine how happy I was when Mum said she'd arranged for me to have a sleep over at Lois' - now we'd get to play.

Lois is really lucky because she has 3 puppy boys and girls to boss around whereas I just have Traffy - they all came to great me when I arrived.

"Are you going to boss us about as much as Lois?" they asked

they boys and girls saying hello

"No!" I said "Lets play", and we did.

play time! play time!

We had such a good play, I was so tired that I decided to snuggle up with my sister Lois in her bed. It was quite a tight squeeze.

"Can we snuggle up too?" asked Raffy and Jasper. "No!" we said "This bed is just for puppy girls".

go away!

I had a really nice time with my sister, I hope I can see her again soon.

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Beachy Puppy girl

This weekend Traffy took me to somewhere very special - she had a quiet word with Dad and convinced him to drive us all to a place called the seaside.

I've only ever seen brown dirt down at my river but when we got there I was surprised to find that there's a yellow dirt called SAND and it's almost as much fun to dig as the regular brown stuff.

I had so much fun digging that I was completely tired out.

The beach (which according to Traffy the yellow dirt place is called) had lots of fun things to do, particularly chasing birds.

Traffy wouldn't help me catch a bird, so instead I had to find one that was just lying on the beach

Mum didn't seem too pleased that I'd found a bird - I suspect she was jealous and wanted it herself.

The water was a bit too cold for me but Traffy seemed to like it very much; perhaps when I'm a big girl too I'll decide to go in for a swim.

I had a really good time on the yellow dirt. Hopefully Mum and Dad will take me again.

After our hard day on the Beach, Traffy and I needed to snuggle down for a nice sleep.

Sunday, 20 February 2011

He says he doesn't like it but I know he does

Dad keeps complaining that he can't find his socks and is blaming me for this.

I like socks

If he doesn't want me to play with them, why does he leave them out for me?

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Derby day

Apparently today was a very special day because Dad's favourite football team was playing his least favourite team so he calls it a derby.

I don't know what a football games is. Dad wouldn't explain it instead he put a special uniform on me to help him watch it. Even after watching it, I still don't know what was going on.

Still there was something called a goal which Dad found very exciting, so exciting that he gave me a nice liver treat to celebrate.

I like treats

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Tunnel work has restarted

It's been very windy lately, so I didn't want to go outside too much but today it's nice and sunny so I've been busy helping Traffy with the tunnel.

I'm doing all the work - lazy Traffy

Traffy said I should remain all calm if we are spotted and pretend we're just lying around having a chat; if we do that then Mum and Dad won't notice the tunnel. 

Traffy being calm

Traffy says I haven't got it just yet and I need to work on my calm expression.

Bella is a little shocked at being found out
perhaps she's right

Saturday, 29 January 2011

On no - They've discovered our tunnel

Traffy told me that it is the duty of every puppy girl to try to escape, no matter how nice Mum and Dad are.

After spending all morning trying to persuade her to show me how to escape, she eventually taught me the game of digging - it is so much fun.

Traffy is instructing me in the fine art of digging

I must of been a very quick learner because it wasn't long before Traffy let me do the main digging (under her watchful eye of course)

I'm doing all the work.

If we were spotted, Traffy said we must pretend nothing was happening.

Here's us pretending nothing was happening - I think we got away with it.

 Afterwards I was so tired that I needed a rest.
Sleep needed now I think.

Unfortunately after all my work, Dad found the tunnel, so we have t start all over again :-(

Friday, 28 January 2011

First Puppy class

I've decided that Mum and Dad need a little training, so I'm now taking them to a class at Happy Dogs Training in Clapham.

Today was the first class and I was a bit nervous as to how Mum would do. I didn't need to worry at all, she knows how to give me treats when I sit, lie down, shake paws, weave in and out of cones or come when she calls me.

It was all very tiring though - I'm looking forward to next week already.

Here's me at puppy class

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

We get a walk every day :-)

This morning Traffy took me down to the river again; she says it's one of her favourite places and I can see why.
Traffy and me in the water

It probably wasn't a good idea to sit down though.

It's cold

I really hate this things they put round my neck when  we go out though.

I don't like wearing a collar

One of Traffy's friends called Barney joined us for a play today. They played a little too rough for my liking

Me, Traffy and Barney

Monday, 24 January 2011

Wow - There are other parks :-)

Today Traffy promised to take me to another one of her favourite walking places - Priory park. 

Unfortunately because I'm so little (and it would be too far for my little legs) we would need to drive there. Traffy says she isn't old enough to drive the car thingy, so Mum and Dad would need to come and drive us there.

I had so much fun, splashing, running and splashing.

I love splashing

I'd hear that dogs can do a things called swimming in water. It sounds like fun but when I asked Traffy to show me how to do it she said 'no' :-(

come on Traffy teach me to swim
 I hope we get to go there again soon.

Sunday, 23 January 2011

First Walk

Today was a very special day - I got to go out for the very first time. Everything was so big and I got to meet other dogs.

It was very, very exciting - how was I to know all puppy boys and girls didn't look like me.

My little paws were all itchy when I got back - Traffy said it was because I ran through something called 'nettles'. I'm going to give those nettles a good barking at when Mum and Dad take me out again (Traffy says that will be tomorrow)

 I don't like itchy paws - ouch :-(