Saturday, 18 June 2011


Today has been a good day

This morning I found a very nice ball whilst taking my Mum and sister Traffy for a walk. It was so nice that my friend Brodie also wanted it - luckily his Dad took it off Brodie and gave it back to me.

Then we went to a school fete - Dad won two bottles of something called Cava and to celebrate he let me have a lick of his ice cream (but I'm so quick I managed to eat it all before he could stop me).

Then we went to Bletsoe Village Fayre and I found another ball (a tennis ball this time) - two balls in one day is very good. Dad also won a bottle of wine, so he was happy.

I was going to stay for the dogshow but it started to rain and Mum doesn't like rain (plus Dad wanted to get home to play with his wine) - so we left early :-(

I did get to have a chat with the man who reads something called lottery numbers on the TV:

mum was in the photo but Dad 'photoshopped' her out - can you see her?

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  1. Harrrooo new mate! Glad to hear woo had a pleasant weekend!

    RA & Isis