Friday, 3 June 2011

Southern Counties Dog Show

The Southern Counties Dog show was easily the biggest I've been to; To be fair I've only been to two shows before but the other dogs there told me this was a really big one and it was easy to believe them.

Other dogs having their owners judged.

For people that don't know, a dog show is when Puppy girls and boys get together to show off their owners: we must make them trot up and down, give us treats and get them stressed-up because we don't seem to want to stand to attention; while we do this someone stares at us and decides who did it best.

Today I took my Dad, which in hindsight was probably not the best idea - most of the other puppy girls took their mum and seemed to do much better than I did.

Isn't Dad useless?

I entered Dad into a couple of classes but didn't do too well. Afterwards I went into my portable house whilst my Dad watched other classes - hopefully he has learnt something from them.

I do like my house.

Some of the time I let my sister Lois share my house, but often she'd poke her head out to have  a look at the other dogs.

Put you head inside Lois!

Lois did much better in the ring than I did but neither of us got a rosette this time.

Lois with her mum Debbie

 I've got another show next week - hopefully Dad will have improved.

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