Sunday, 5 June 2011

Hearing Dogs Summer Fete

Today I took Mum and Dad to the Hearing Dogs for the Deaf summer fete. I was really excited when Dad told me the fete was going to be opened by a famous boxer called Frank Bruno. One of my friends, Bruce, is also a boxer, so I was expecting to meet someone who looked like him, but instead of someone furry with four legs, a squashed nose and a waggy tail, I met someone with two legs and no fur - a big disappointment.

don't know who this is.

After he met me he didn't hang around long - dad said if he'd moved that fast when he was in the ring he would have retired undefeated. I'm not sure what he was talking about but Mum seemed to agree.

One of my favourite bits of the day was a gundog demonstration. I especially liked the fact that gundogs don't do anything their person tells them to do: they just sit there whilst their person says they are going to find a dummy or a rabbit  but then they just do nothing. Perhaps I should be a gundog.

the gundog is hiding behind the man.

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