Monday, 22 August 2011


I was planning to go to the Welsh Kennel Club show this weekend but unfortunately, Im on something called season which means I'm not allowed to go near boys. I was really excited when Dad said that because I couldn't go to wales, he would take us all to the seaside instead.

Like all Golden Retrievers, Traffy & me are most happy when we're near water, so this weekend was really great because the seaside has lots of water.

I really liked racing against Traffy.

I'm going to win
Racing on my own was good fun too

I'm so so so fast

Water is so much fun

But then there's the beach

I think this needs a dig

Which needs to be surveyed carefully

Beach needs surveying

digging was so much fun

it's easy - just dig near the ball

I did find some strange things on my beach

where did this come from?


  1. Hawoooo wooo! Look at all that water, you all are so lucky, no ocean here in Wyoming, bows mates,


  2. Such a beautiful pictures!!! So much fun at the ocean. I wish you will post more in 2016:)