Saturday, 19 March 2011

Sleepover with Lois

Although I get to see my sister Lois at my puppy show class, I haven't really had a chance to have a good play with her since I came to look after Mum and Dad. Imagine how happy I was when Mum said she'd arranged for me to have a sleep over at Lois' - now we'd get to play.

Lois is really lucky because she has 3 puppy boys and girls to boss around whereas I just have Traffy - they all came to great me when I arrived.

"Are you going to boss us about as much as Lois?" they asked

they boys and girls saying hello

"No!" I said "Lets play", and we did.

play time! play time!

We had such a good play, I was so tired that I decided to snuggle up with my sister Lois in her bed. It was quite a tight squeeze.

"Can we snuggle up too?" asked Raffy and Jasper. "No!" we said "This bed is just for puppy girls".

go away!

I had a really nice time with my sister, I hope I can see her again soon.

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