Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Eastern Counties Golden Retriever Club Rally, Fun Day and Show

I'd got no idea that there were so many puppy boys and girls who look like me until this weekend when I took Dad to the Eastern Counties Golden Retriever Club (ECGRC) show.

I had loads of fun particularly because my sister Lois came along too. They said I was so pretty that they gave me 3 rosettes and I'm quite proud of them. They also said that Dad let me down because he couldn't walk up and down in the correct way to show me off.

One of the rosettes was for a first place in a class. Unfortunately this year they weren't presenting things called trophies otherwise I would have got one of those too, so that's disappointing; Dad says the same thing happened to him when he was my age - he won the egg and spoon race at the school sports day and they decided not to give out coloured ribbons even though they did the year before. He says he's still a bit upset about it, so much so that we can't eat soft boiled eggs in our house because seeing an egg and a spoon together brings it all back. Never mind Dad, you can wear one of my rosettes anytime you want (except the red one which is my favourite).

This Friday I'm going to take Dad to an even bigger show, hopefully he won't let me down this time.

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