Friday, 25 March 2011

Sunday walk with Buster and Tyke

Yesterday Dad told me the clocks in the house were going to go forward this morning. I wasn't sure what he meant so I just nodded my head in agreement. This morning as far as I could tell all the clocks were exactly where they were before and the time on them was exactly what is always is - "Walk time".

Since it was walk time, Mum and Dad took me to one of my favourite places - my river (actually Traffy told me it was her river but I think because I'm the puppy of the house it should be all mine and so it it).

We met Buster and Tyke, a couple of Puppy boys who live round the corner, and had a great walk with them - we showed them our favourite river spaces and they let us run after their toys.

I love the river
 I had so much fun and got really, really muddy

I love mud
Traffy says that every year some strange men start to gather at the River every day and all they do is wave strange sticks at it. I'm not sure if they are called fishermen or grumpy-men - Traffy calls them both because apparently they won't throw their stick for you, no matter how much you bark to ask them,

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