Sunday, 6 March 2011

Beachy Puppy girl

This weekend Traffy took me to somewhere very special - she had a quiet word with Dad and convinced him to drive us all to a place called the seaside.

I've only ever seen brown dirt down at my river but when we got there I was surprised to find that there's a yellow dirt called SAND and it's almost as much fun to dig as the regular brown stuff.

I had so much fun digging that I was completely tired out.

The beach (which according to Traffy the yellow dirt place is called) had lots of fun things to do, particularly chasing birds.

Traffy wouldn't help me catch a bird, so instead I had to find one that was just lying on the beach

Mum didn't seem too pleased that I'd found a bird - I suspect she was jealous and wanted it herself.

The water was a bit too cold for me but Traffy seemed to like it very much; perhaps when I'm a big girl too I'll decide to go in for a swim.

I had a really good time on the yellow dirt. Hopefully Mum and Dad will take me again.

After our hard day on the Beach, Traffy and I needed to snuggle down for a nice sleep.

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