Saturday, 29 January 2011

On no - They've discovered our tunnel

Traffy told me that it is the duty of every puppy girl to try to escape, no matter how nice Mum and Dad are.

After spending all morning trying to persuade her to show me how to escape, she eventually taught me the game of digging - it is so much fun.

Traffy is instructing me in the fine art of digging

I must of been a very quick learner because it wasn't long before Traffy let me do the main digging (under her watchful eye of course)

I'm doing all the work.

If we were spotted, Traffy said we must pretend nothing was happening.

Here's us pretending nothing was happening - I think we got away with it.

 Afterwards I was so tired that I needed a rest.
Sleep needed now I think.

Unfortunately after all my work, Dad found the tunnel, so we have t start all over again :-(

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