Saturday, 29 January 2011

On no - They've discovered our tunnel

Traffy told me that it is the duty of every puppy girl to try to escape, no matter how nice Mum and Dad are.

After spending all morning trying to persuade her to show me how to escape, she eventually taught me the game of digging - it is so much fun.

Traffy is instructing me in the fine art of digging

I must of been a very quick learner because it wasn't long before Traffy let me do the main digging (under her watchful eye of course)

I'm doing all the work.

If we were spotted, Traffy said we must pretend nothing was happening.

Here's us pretending nothing was happening - I think we got away with it.

 Afterwards I was so tired that I needed a rest.
Sleep needed now I think.

Unfortunately after all my work, Dad found the tunnel, so we have t start all over again :-(

Friday, 28 January 2011

First Puppy class

I've decided that Mum and Dad need a little training, so I'm now taking them to a class at Happy Dogs Training in Clapham.

Today was the first class and I was a bit nervous as to how Mum would do. I didn't need to worry at all, she knows how to give me treats when I sit, lie down, shake paws, weave in and out of cones or come when she calls me.

It was all very tiring though - I'm looking forward to next week already.

Here's me at puppy class

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

We get a walk every day :-)

This morning Traffy took me down to the river again; she says it's one of her favourite places and I can see why.
Traffy and me in the water

It probably wasn't a good idea to sit down though.

It's cold

I really hate this things they put round my neck when  we go out though.

I don't like wearing a collar

One of Traffy's friends called Barney joined us for a play today. They played a little too rough for my liking

Me, Traffy and Barney

Monday, 24 January 2011

Wow - There are other parks :-)

Today Traffy promised to take me to another one of her favourite walking places - Priory park. 

Unfortunately because I'm so little (and it would be too far for my little legs) we would need to drive there. Traffy says she isn't old enough to drive the car thingy, so Mum and Dad would need to come and drive us there.

I had so much fun, splashing, running and splashing.

I love splashing

I'd hear that dogs can do a things called swimming in water. It sounds like fun but when I asked Traffy to show me how to do it she said 'no' :-(

come on Traffy teach me to swim
 I hope we get to go there again soon.

Sunday, 23 January 2011

First Walk

Today was a very special day - I got to go out for the very first time. Everything was so big and I got to meet other dogs.

It was very, very exciting - how was I to know all puppy boys and girls didn't look like me.

My little paws were all itchy when I got back - Traffy said it was because I ran through something called 'nettles'. I'm going to give those nettles a good barking at when Mum and Dad take me out again (Traffy says that will be tomorrow)

 I don't like itchy paws - ouch :-(

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Ouch ! ;-(

Mum and Dad

Why do you keep taking me to a woman in a green coat who keeps sticking pointy things in me - it really hurts?

(I heard a dog talking at the place where the woman with the pointy needle is and he said that I'd be able to go and explore the countryside in a couple of weeks all because of these needle things. Sounds nice, but what is the country side?)

He's me putting on a brave face at the pointy needly place.